Secure and Traceable Pharmaceuticals Solutions

Add product traceability and unique digital identities to your packaging with secure NFC tags

Pharma-authenticity, Brand protection solution

Anti-Counterfeit and traceability solution for Pharma

Anti-counterfeit and traceability solutions are essential in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the authenticity and safety of drugs. Our patent pending NFC tag leverages encrypted tamper-proof blockchain technology to track each single item from production to product opening and features refilling protection and anti-peeling.

Our app or a direct NFC connection allows consumers to check the authenticity of each single purchase they are about to make. A simple tap grants instant access to product history, certifications and intended applications. Faster and safer than any solution based on QR code or image recognition.

Tamper-evident packaging: Tamper-evident packaging can help to prevent counterfeiting and tampering with products. Our Tag tampering solution can easily detect if a package has been opened or tampered with.

Uncovering the Real Problem

The pharma industry has been hit hard by counterfeiters, who are taking advantage of the gaps between skyrocketing demand and severe supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic.

Why Choose Signet Tags

While other authentication companies protect the package, Signet Tags protects the product against fraudulent refilling and allows instantaneous verification without the need for specific tools or expertise in the field



Allow Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and Authorities to instantly check product authenticity and integrity.



End-to-end product traceability to follow each single item in real time along the supply chain, integrating multiple environmental sensors.


Patient Engagement

Revolutionize patient experience enabling drugs’ instant authenticity check. Collect valuable feedbacks directly from customers.


Added value for everyone.

  • Proof of authenticity verification and Product opening detection.

  • 1-click report in case of opened/fake product.

  • Instant access to drug electronic leaflet and Real time update of e-leaflets

  • Easily send product recall alerts and Automatic product recall management.

  • Increased demand predictability with positive impacts on production efficiency.

  • Protect your brand and create a moment of trust with your customers.

Pharmaceutical Brand Protection
Digitally Connected Products

Every product becomes digitally connected

Valuabe Marketing Insights

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your Brand

Drive out counterfeited product from the market and safeguard your customers’ health and money

Montitor Products

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Defend Distributors

Protect your official commercial partners from product diversion and illicit markets

Detect fraudulent refilling

Easily detect if the products have been tampered, using tag tamper detecting tags.

Counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry refers to the production and distribution of fake, substandard, or adulterated medicines. Counterfeit medicines are a significant global public health threat and can lead to a range of health problems, including drug resistance, treatment failure, and even death. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 10% of medicines sold globally are counterfeit.

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is a complex and organized crime that involves different actors, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Counterfeiters often use sophisticated methods to produce fake medicines that are difficult to detect. They may also manipulate the packaging, labeling, and batch numbers to make the counterfeit product look identical to the genuine product.

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