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Signet Tags enables digital identity on your products using QR Code, NFC & private Blockchain

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Powered by Blockchain

Signet Tags utilizes the full potential of blockchain technology to create unique, uncloneable & verifiable tags


Clone Resistant

Signet Tags uses secure, unclonable NFC tags which ensure physical product authentication & security.


Works without App

Signet authentication doesnot require users to download any app and works directly on tapping the tag.

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Proof of authenticity in seconds

Use Signet Tags to ensure product authenticity and integrity, and direct NFC connection for quick and easy verification. Through Direct Interaction, reveal the product's history, features, and sustainability certifications.

NFC and Blockchain Technology together bring a stable approach to physical goods authentication. Encourage informed consumer decision-making and prevent the entry of counterfeit goods into the market.

Our solution outperforms QR Code and image recognition-based alternatives in speed and security. No need to download any apps.

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Advanced Security and Privacy for Trusted IoT Applications. Secure NFC tags with random changing keys



Digital blockchain assets that cannot be duplicated, ensuring transparent and immutable information.



Easy check of authenticity for consumers. No special app download required.

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Empowering Business with new revenue opportunities

At Signet Tags, we understand the challenges faced by modern businesses. Our cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize your revenue streams.

Counterfeit Protection and Brand Security: Digital Hologram Seal with Blockchain Technology and NFC - Signet Tags

Customers can tap on the product to get updated information about essential attributes such as ownership, warranty, safety, recyclability, and value. This allows customers to make informed decisions about the products they purchase and use. By being able to see this information, customers can be sure that they are making the best choice for them when it comes to the products they buy.

  • Recover the lost revenue using our patented (pending) anti counterfeiting technology.

  • Build value for your brand and consumers by transforming your products into a two-way, digital channel.

  • Create new revenue streams with Phygital merchandise, and unique connected products.
  • Create new revenue streams with Phygital merchandise, and unique connected products.

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Increase customer engagement by 100X

Engage with your consumers like never before with Signet Tags. With our innovative solution, you'll always be able to keep track of your customers and never lose touch again.

Signet Tags directly triggers consumer engagement. Consumers can use their smartphones to scan products at the point of sale and, once connected to our dashboard, you can use those interactions to create valuable consumer profiles. These profiles will help your brand deliver targeted marketing initiatives.

Enhanced Brand Protection: NFC-enabled Tamper-Proof Seal with Blockchain Technology for Countering Counterfeiting - Signet Tags

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Got Questions? Look Here

Get your common questions answered. If you have more queries, please reach out to us using our contact page.

What are the requirements for using Signet Tags?

There are no specific requirements to add brand authentication. NFC authentication doesnot require any app downloads.

Can I use Signet on different devices?

  • Yes, our signet tags are compatible with all major smartphones, including iOS and Android devices.

  • Our product management app is designed to work on any browser or tablet, making it a convenient tool for busy professionals.

How does Signettags handle my privacy?

Signet is designed with privacy first approach. We comply with GDPR, CCPA and LGPD privacy laws.

Can I integrate Signet with my existing software?

Yes. Signet is designed on a API first pattern, which can be used across any existing platform for seamless integration.