Reliable Document Security Solutions

The future is fast & secure with Signet digital certificates

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Secure documents with new age nfc embedded digital certificates.

Certificates are one of the most valuable assets to possess, Thus why they need to be stored safely and be instantly available when needed. Signet Tags ensures that official documents are recorded and managed in a secure, tamper-proof, and transparent manner. Signet Tags is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that optimizes the lengthy process of issuing and verifying official documents, giving stakeholders access to trusted and genuine information instantly, anywhere, at any time.

Our app or a direct NFC connection allows stakeholders to check the authenticity of each single certificate. A simple tap grants instant access to candidate profile, certifications and intended applications. Faster and safer than any solution based on QR code or image recognition.

Document security technology

A suite of innovative and proprietary technologies to safeguard high-value and sensitive documents.

Why Choose Signet Tags

By securing your official documents on the blockchain, you prevent fraud cases and assure your partners (Universities, employers etc.) of the genuineness of the information on the certificates.

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Issue Tamper-Proof Certificates

Signet Tags will help you in cutting the time for third-parties background check inquires and repetitive manual work. Use the advanced blockchain technology and improved nfc tags for, instant verification of documents.

Skills in Demand Analytics

Our dashboard will help analyze the skills in demand by the student community and the skills employers are in need of to hire fresh graduates in the market.

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API Integration with platforms

Signet Tags is to help institutions build on their existing infrastructure and not be hassled with unnecessary changes. We ensure a seamless integration process.


Safeguard high-value and sensitive documents

  • Technology used by governments to secure passports and social ID cards.

  • Cannot be copied, destroyed, or spoofed.

  • Extremely secure to prevent documents from forgery.

  • Document security technology enables legal documents to be verified for authenticity.

  • Enable integration with existing infrastructure using our APIs

  • Enable easy recovery -Replacements for lost certificates are easily requested, securely received.

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Digitally Connected Certificates

Every certificate becomes digitally connected

Valuabe Analytics

Capture valuable insights, analyze the skills in demand, placements and candidate journey.

Protect your Reputation

The Future is fast & secure with digital NFC certificates. Protect your institutional brand and image.

Montitor Certificates

Track and trace the certificates in real time. Get notified when someone requests verification.

Defend document forgery

Protect the risk of document forgery. Prevent potential financial consequences of a forged document

Authenticate with a smartphone

Signet authentication doesnot require users to download any app and works directly on tapping the tag.

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