Blockchain-Based Tracing for Agricultural Protection

Tag, track, and instantaneously authenticate agrochemical products


Traceability solution for Agriculture Industry

Agricultural tracing and protection is important for many reasons. It helps ensure the quality of our food, protects our farmers and ranchers, and helps keep our environment healthy. Our patent pending NFC tag leverages encrypted tamper-proof blockchain technology to track each single item from production to product opening and features refilling protection and anti-peeling. Its style can be customized for a perfect integration with your label, package or bottle design.

Our app or a direct NFC connection grants farmers instant access to product characteristics, integrity and proof of authenticity.

Uncovering the Real Problem

The rapid growth in population and the consequent increase of the food demand made the agricultural market reach the size of 250.5 billion in 2020. It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of products for agriculture on the market are counterfeited.

Why Choose Signet Tags

While other authentication companies protect the package, Signet Tags protects the product against fraudulent refilling and allows instantaneous verification without the need for specific tools or expertise in the field

Agriculture Protection: Counterfeit Prevention, Blockchain Technology, NFC, Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting
Brand Protection

Defend your IPRs and your Brand Equity. Feel free to develop and promote new products safely

Marketing Insights

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Connect directly

Connect directly to your customers using push notifications and alerts. Collect valuable feedbacks directly from customers.

Illegally produced products for agriculture can pose several risks, including:

  • Health risks: Illegally produced products may contain harmful chemicals that can have serious health consequences for humans, livestock, and the environment. These chemicals can include pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that are banned or restricted in their use due to their hazardous nature.

  • Environmental risks: The use of illegal products can lead to pollution of the soil, water, and air, which can have harmful effects on the environment. This can lead to reduced biodiversity, soil erosion, and contamination of water sources.

  • Economic risks: The use of illegal products can impact the agricultural economy. Illegal products are often sold at a lower price, which can make it difficult for legitimate producers to compete. In addition, the use of illegal products can result in lower yields and quality of produce, which can impact the profitability of farmers.

Digitally Connected Products

Every product becomes digitally connected

Valuabe Marketing Insights

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your Brand

Drive out counterfeited product from the market and safeguard your customers’ health and money

Montitor Products

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Defend Distributors

Protect your official commercial partners from product diversion and illicit markets

Detect fraudulent refilling

Easily detect if the products have been tampered, using tag tamper detecting tags.

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