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Bridging the physical and digital world

The clothing and footwear industry is a highly competitive market, driven by a new generation of consumers who increasingly uses digital technologies to shop online, search for recommendations, and interact with brands. At the same time, consumers expect fashion brands to step up their sustainability initiatives and consider ecofriendly commitments to be an important factor in their buying decision. NFC technology can address these challenges, as it provides a means to communicate with customers, and can ease recycling initiatives.

Our app or a direct NFC connection allows consumers to check the authenticity of each single purchase they are about to make. A simple tap grants instant access to product history, certifications and intended applications.

What are the benefits of using NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless connectivity technology based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabling contactless communication between a reader and a tag. A tag is a small electronic component that can be embedded in the labels of clothing and footwear items, such as jackets, t-shirts, dresses, shoes etc. Adding an NFC tag to an object connects it to the digital world. Implementing NFC allows fashion brands to track their products around the world, ensure their authenticity, and create a direct two-way communication channel with consumers via their smartphone, used as an NFC reader.

Why Choose Signet Tags

A company can use NFC technology to verify that the goods equipped with an NFC tag have followed the entire supply chain flows as expected.

Brand Protection

Defend your IPRs and your Brand Equity. Feel free to develop and promote new products safely

Marketing Insights

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Connect directly

Connect directly to your customers using push notifications and alerts. Collect valuable feedbacks directly from customers.


Helping brands grow their business.

  • A two-way communication channel between brands and consumers.

  • NFC technology delivers the benefits of digital marketing to physical products.

  • Secure and ready-to-use, NFC tags can easily be configured with personalized content (authentication, product information and more) which consumers can access by simply tapping the tag with their smartphone.

  • By providing access to product information (origin, fabric), offering personalized shopping advice, and giving details on sustainable initiatives, such as where to recycle or donate a piece of clothing after use, NFC technology helps fashion brands establish a direct communication channel with their customers.

Digitally Connected Products

Every product becomes digitally connected

Protect your Brand

Drive out counterfeited product from the market and safeguard your customers’ health and money

Montitor Products

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Defend Distributors

Protect your official commercial partners from product diversion and illicit markets


NFC chip in shoes and footwear to track production.

Sneaker manufacturer Satoshi equips its products with its own NFC chip to inform the customer about the production route of each pair of shoes. Among other things, the chip provides information about the manufacturing location and process. Where other products usually only show the country of origin, Satoshi shows for each pair of shoes when and where it was processed.

The technology behind the NFC chip is that it is linked to an online portal that stores each step in the process and additionally signs it using a block chain algorithm. Access to the information and its extension is done by scanning the shoe. This technology also makes it possible for subsequent owners to add themselves to this block chain. Thus, further owners can see to whom the shoes have already belonged once. By using NFC in its own products, Satoshi wants to demonstrate to its customers in a comprehensible and uncomplicated way which production steps their own shoes have gone through. This traceability makes each production step transparent, which among other things ensures that the sneakers were manufactured under fair conditions.

NFC for detailed material origin in sweaters

A clothing manufacturer goes even further and offers its customers even more transparency through the use of modern NFC technology in clothing. SheepInc not only uses high-quality materials and workmanship to make the garments more durable, the company also incorporates a small NFC chip the size of a button in each garment. This NFC button provides information about the production, the origin and even - and this is the special thing - from which sheep the wool comes. To get information such as name, size, weight, origin and breed of the sheep, all you have to do is hold your smartphone over the NFC button. The manufacturer thus offers the possibility to get information about the welfare of the animal and to establish a certain relationship with it. The buyer is also shown how much CO2 the purchase of the product has saved. Through the unique ID of the NFC tag, each sweater has its own history. The linked information is stored on the internet and can therefore always be flexibly adapted, so that the status of the sheep is not a snapshot, but continues to exist with the sweater and can also change. NFC allows the information to be communicated efficiently and quickly and to be noted on each individual pullover.

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