Modern hologram seals with NFC and QR code

  • ico-bkgProtect & Engage with your customers.
  • ico-bkgDesign customizations available
  • ico-bkgCollect Feedbacks, Advanced analytics, Increase repeat sales
  • ico-bkgImplement Rewards, Loyalty program, Warranty management
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Signet Hologram Tags vs
Traditional Hologram

Other HologramSignet Tags
Anti counterfeiting QR codecheckcheck
User Location Detectioncheckcheck
Increase repeat salescheckcheck
Realtime Analyticscheckcheck
Sned messages to customerscheckcheck
Feedback and Surveyscheckcheck
Warranty management systemcheckcheck
Run Contests and Offerscheckcheck

Free App to track and trace

We offer free web and mobile app to scan the tags and track, analyze and engage with customers.


Customized logo and packaging

All kind of customizations avaialble for shape size and colors.


Affordable Pricing

Pricing that fits your budget. we are committed to offering affordable pricing on all of our products without compromising on quality.


Digital NFC chip tag

Switch to a digital tamper proof seal. Easy check of authenticity for consumers. No special app download required.

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Signet Tags Scanning Theme, product authentication, transparency, scanning process

Powered by Blockchain

Signet Tags utilizes the full potential of blockchain technology to create unique, uncloneable & verifiable tags


Clone Resistant

Signet Tags uses secure, unclonable NFC tags which ensure physical product authentication & security.


Works without App

Signet authentication doesnot require users to download any app and works directly on tapping the tag.

Increase repeat sales

Our tamper-evident tags offer several benefits

Counterfeit Protection and Brand Security: Digital Hologram Seal with Blockchain Technology and NFC - Signet Tags
  • Security: The tamper-evident feature ensures that the tags cannot be removed or replaced without showing visible signs of tampering, which makes it a reliable security measure to protect the product against counterfeiting or theft.

  • Authenticity: NFC tamper-evident tags can help verify the authenticity of a product by providing information about its origin, manufacturing, and distribution process, which can be easily accessed by scanning the tag with an NFC-enabled device.

  • Traceability: NFC tamper-evident tags can provide a traceability mechanism to track the movement of products through the supply chain, enabling manufacturers and retailers to monitor inventory levels and improve their logistics and distribution processes.

  • Convenience: NFC tamper-evident tags can make it easier for customers to access information about a product, such as its features, pricing, and availability, by simply scanning the tag with their smartphone or tablet.

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Got Questions? Look Here

Get your common questions answered. If you have more queries, please reach out to us using our contact page.

What are the requirements for using Signet Tags?

There are no specific requirements to add brand authentication. NFC authentication doesnot require any app downloads.

Can I use Signet on different devices?

  • Yes, our signet tags are compatible with all major smartphones, including iOS and Android devices.

  • Our product management app is designed to work on any browser or tablet, making it a convenient tool for busy professionals.

How does Signettags handle my privacy?

Signet is designed with privacy first approach. We comply with GDPR, CCPA and LGPD privacy laws.

Can I integrate Signet with my existing software?

Yes. Signet is designed on a API first pattern, which can be used across any existing platform for seamless integration.