Auto Parts Anti-Counterfeit Protection

Security labels and seals against product fraud


Tamper protection and anti-counterfeit packaging

Our patent pending NFC tag leverages encrypted tamper-proof blockchain technology to track each single item from production to product opening and features refilling protection and anti-peeling. Its style can be customized for a perfect integration with your label, package or bottle design.

Our app or a direct NFC connection allows consumers to check the authenticity of each single purchase they are about to make. A simple tap grants instant access to product history, certifications and intended applications. Faster and safer than any solution based on QR code or image recognition.

Anti-counterfeit protection

It's no secret automotive parts are getting counterfeited at large. Signet Tags offers brand protection investigators and customers a reliable way to authenticate with visible/invisible technology solutions.

Why Choose Signet Tags

While other authentication companies protect the package, Signet Tags protects the product against fraudulent refilling and allows instantaneous verification without the need for specific tools or expertise in the field

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Brand Protection

Defend your IPRs and your Brand Equity. Feel free to develop and promote new products safely

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Marketing Insights

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

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Connect directly

Connect directly to your customers using push notifications and alerts. Collect valuable feedbacks directly from customers.


Plain packaging doesn't work anymore.

  • Counterfeit auto parts refer to fake or imitation components that are made to look like genuine auto parts but are not manufactured by the authorized original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These parts can be substandard or inferior in quality and can pose significant safety risks to the user of the motor or vehicle.

  • Counterfeit auto parts can include a wide range of components such as spark plugs, fuel injectors, alternators, brake pads, and air filters. These parts are often sold at a lower price than genuine parts, making them attractive to consumers looking to save money.

  • However, using counterfeit auto parts can have serious consequences. They may not meet the required safety and quality standards and can fail unexpectedly, causing accidents or other hazards. In addition, using counterfeit parts can damage the motor or vehicle, leading to costly repairs.

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Digitally Connected Products

Every product becomes digitally connected

Valuabe Marketing Insights

Capture valuable marketing insights and consented first-party data

Protect your Brand

Drive out counterfeited product from the market and safeguard your customers’ health and money

Montitor Products

Track your products until the final customer. Detect product infiltrations and original stolen products

Defend Distributors

Protect your official commercial partners from product diversion and illicit markets

Detect fraudulent refilling

Easily detect if the products have been tampered, using tag tamper detecting tags.

Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Boost Sales! Acquire New Consumers

  • Entice new and existing consumers to buy more by offering them airtime, merchandise, redeemable loyalty points, and grand prizes (raffle) for purchase

  • Asides the fact that you can automatically acquire consumer contacts, Signet Tags also helps you collect insights directly from your consumers using short intuitive surveys they take as part of their participation in your campaigns

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