Why Consumers Aren't Scanning Your QR Codes

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QR codes have grown in popularity in the marketing sector in recent years. They provide a straightforward way for consumers to learn more about a product or service and for businesses to track engagement and collect data.

Despite its popularity, many businesses are discovering that their QR codes are not being read as frequently as they want. In this blog, we'll look at why customers need to scan QR codes and how you can increase engagement.

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that one can scanned using a smartphone's camera. When the code is scanned, it directs the user to a particular website, landing page, or digital material.

They can be used to provide product information and enable mobile payments.

QR codes benefit businesses and customers since they provide a quick and easy means to access information, promotions, and other forms of content. QR codes are a low-cost solution for businesses to communicate with customers and deliver additional information about their products and services.

QR codes can be printed on various marketing materials, such as product packaging, flyers, posters, and business cards. They enable organizations to track interaction and collect data, which can be utilized to improve future campaigns and ROI.

How Do They Work?

When a QR code is scanned, the camera on the smartphone takes the image of the code and then processes the information embedded in it. The code could include a website URL, product information, contact information, or promotional offers.

Once the data is collected, the smartphone will usually prompt the user to take action based on the data. For example, the user may be sent to a website, a social network page, or a mobile app. Alternatively, the QR code can call a phone number, send a text message, or open a map with instructions to a specific area.

QR codes can be seen on product packaging, billboards, brochures, posters, and business cards, among other places. They give organizations a handy way to provide additional information to customers, track interaction, and collect data.

Reasons Why Consumers are not scanning your QR Codes

People may not scan your QR codes for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Inadequate visibility: If your QR code is not visible or is too tiny, consumers may not see it. Ensure that your QR code is visible and easily accessible.
  • Preliminary design or quality: Users may find it difficult to scan a QR code that is unclear, deformed, or challenging to read. Make sure that your code is of excellent quality and easily readable.
  • Irrelevant content: If the content that your QR code links to isn't relevant or beneficial to the user, they might not bother scanning it. Ensure the information is interesting, helpful, and worth the user's time.
  • Lack of incentives: People are more likely to scan a QR code if they believe they will receive anything in return. Consider giving visitors who scan your code a discount, promotion, or access to unique content.
  • Inadequate education: Some people may need help to understand what a QR code is or how to scan one. Providing clear instructions or a brief description of what the code leads to can be beneficial in encouraging people to scan it.
  • Privacy concerns: People may hesitate to scan a QR code that needs them to supply personal information due to growing worries about data privacy and security. Consider providing an opt-in option or other alternatives for consumers to obtain information without providing personal information.

Improving QR Engagement

Businesses may boost QR code engagement in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer incentives

As previously said, consumers are more likely to scan a QR code if they believe they will receive anything in return. Give those who scan your code a discount, a promotion, or access to unique material. This encourages users to scan the code and interact with your information.

  • Ensure relevance

Ensure the material your QR code links to is relevant and beneficial to the user. Consider developing material relevant to your target audience's interests and demands. This increases the chances that users will find the information exciting and share it with others.

  • Optimise placement and design

Make sure that your QR code is visible and easily accessible. Make sure that the code is of excellent quality and easily readable. To make your code stand out, consider utilizing unique design components.

  • Give specific instructions

Provide detailed instructions for scanning the QR code. Include a brief description of where the code leads and how to access the material. This can make folks unfamiliar with QR codes feel more at ease when utilizing them.

  • Measure and analyze engagement.

Track engagement with your QR codes using analytics tools. This can assist you in determining which types of content and incentives are most effective in increasing engagement. Use this information to improve future marketing and QR code interaction.

  • Personalize the experience

Use data to tailor the content and offers that users receive after scanning your QR code. Consider offering personalized offers depending on the user's location, previous purchases, or hobbies. This might make the user's experience more exciting and relevant.


Finally, QR codes can be an effective tool for businesses to communicate with customers and give them easy access to information and discounts. Consumers may not scan QR codes for various reasons, including inadequate visibility, irrelevant content, and privacy concerns.

Businesses may increase QR code engagement by offering incentives, ensuring relevance, optimizing location and design, providing clear instructions, measuring and analyzing the interaction, and personalizing the experience.

Businesses may boost the likelihood of consumers scanning their QR codes and engaging with their information by solving these frequent difficulties. As QR code technology evolves, businesses can continue experimenting with new tactics to promote engagement and enhance ROI.

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